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The BAM Box was founded in 2015 by a team of geeks, comic book lovers and pop culture collectors. The BAM Box is unlike any other geek subscription box as you are guaranteed at least one autographed item in every box. Plus 1 in every 10 subscription boxes contain an additional autographed item, along with other possible upgrades being a lot more common in this box than other subscription boxes. BAM Box have already sent out so many awesome items such as signed original sketches, vinyl records, Back to the Future License Plate. Feel free to check out BAM Box by clicking here to see some of the other items that have been included in previous boxes.


There is over $60 worth of goodies and collectibles inside every box, with those that have a “1-up” upgrade being worth more. The BAM Box is primarily an American subscription box which is why those in the UK and elsewhere need to pay such his shipping costs. The box itself only costs between £21.30 and £22.80 ($27.99 – $29.99) depending on your length of subscription, its the additional £19 ($24.99) in shipping costs which makes this a slightly more high end box. That being said though, if you are a serious collector and want one off unique pieces of memorabilia, it will be difficult to find anything on par with this geek box. You can check out our promo codes page at anytime for discounts and offers to get the best subscription box even cheaper!


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